Azerbaijan’s head: Azerbaijan could eliminate fully its dependence on foreign partners in telecommunications


September 26, Fineko/ Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev has congratulated the Azerbaijani people with the launch of telecommunications satellite Azerspace 2 into orbit from the Kura cosmodrome in Guiana, France.

The head of state stated that today is a very significant day for the country.

"Satellite Azerspace 2 has been launched into orbit, and I’d like to congratulate the Azerbaijani people on the occasion of this event. This is another victory and success of our country. Over the past 5 years Azerbaijan has launched three satellites into orbit. Azerbaijan is a member of the World Space Club and strengthens its position in the world space industry. Launching into orbit shows the power of the state. We already have three satellites - telecom satellite Azerspace 1, Azersky and Azerspace 2," the Azerbaijani leader said.

President Aliyev pointed out that this satellite is of great importance. First of all, Azerbaijan is taking serious steps from angle of information security. Azerbaijani TV channels can broadcast around the world through satellites. Azerbaijan has completely eliminated its dependence on foreign partners in the field of telecommunications.

"There is also the commercial side of the matter. Azerbaijan exports its goods and receives currency from the operation of satellites. The success of the space industry allows developing the non-oil sector in parallel, and it is no coincidence that the country's non-oil industry has grown by 11% for the past 8 months of the year," the country’s head emphasized.