Azerbaijan Central Bank: Manat to remain stable till end of 2018


November 15, Fineko/ The formation of the digital economy in Azerbaijan will affect macroeconomic and monetary stability.

CBA’s first deputy chairman of board Alim Guliyev has stated at the 3rd International Banking Forum, that the question of ensuring macroeconomic stability is one of the main issues on agenda.

"In 2018, as a result of the measures taken, macroeconomic stability has been provided, and by the end of the year this positive and positive trend will be maintained, including the rate of the manat," he said.

Guliyev pointed out that State Budget 2019 is currently under parliamentary discussion, and the trends of 2018 provide the basis for forecasting the continuation of macroeconomic stability and positivity in the country in the coming year. The basis for forecasting of positive and positive trends in the future and subsequent years is formation of a macroeconomic framework, further economic growth, reduction of inflation below the forecast level, formation of favorable oil prices in the world market, and growth of country's export potential.