Refusal from plastic bags offered in Azerbaijan in favor of health and environment


November 30, Fineko/ The Ministry of Ecology & Natural Resources of Azerbaijan considers that plastic bags, which are widely distributed in sales outlets, are harmful to the environment.

Umayra Tagiyeva, the head of the MENR Department of Environmental Education & Public Relations, has stated that the most dangerous of plastic bags are packages are so-called "penguins”.

"To reduce the negative impact of plastic waste on the environment, the Ministry is actively engaged in propaganda and educational work. Also, work is underway to prepare and take measures aimed at solving this matter," she emphasized.

According to Tagiyeva, a survey was conducted on the readiness to limit the use of plastic products, and 80-90.6% of the survey respondents responded positively.
"Plastic bags called "penguins” present the greatest danger. They are mainly used by women at home. They should know that although these plastic bags are convenient to use in everyday life, they pose a great threat to both health and the environment. You can use alternative glassware or dishes with enamel coating. As for the markets, they should give preference to paper bags or fabric bags," Tagieva said.