Russian Foreign Affairs Ministry comments on Qatar`s decision to withdraw from OPEC


December 13, Fineko/abc.az. Qatar`s decision to withdraw from OPEC will not affect the intensity of Russia`s cooperation with oil producing partner countries.

Maria Zakharova, official representative of the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, has stated that Qatar, which has been an OPEC member for 57 years, announced its withdrawal from the Organization.

"As an active OPEC member, Qatar has made substantial contribution to the success of the Vienna agreement and played an important role in the work of the Monitoring Committee. We appreciate those efforts and wxpress our gratitude to Qatar. We’re convinced Qatari Leadership’s decision to withdraw from OPEC will not affect the intensity of Russia's cooperation with partners from the oil-producing countries," Zakharova emphasized.

She pointed out that Russia is actively cooperating with the OPEC member states. Over the last 2 years of the OPEC+ agreement, tangible results have been achieved, and the critical supply and demand imbalance has been reduced.

"The Declaration participants are determined to continue efforts aimed at improving the oil market, increasing its stability and predictability," Zakharova stressed.

She added that Russia has close and mutually beneficial cooperation with Qatar in the field of energy and it will develop successfully.