Developmentof offerings that best fit the requirements of its customers is the main strategy of Nar– CEO Gunnar Pahnke


December 25, Fineko/  One of the priorities of Nar for the next year is to develop offerings that fit the requirements of our customers, increase the network capacity to provide customers with the fastest Internet, and further expand the coverage of the 4G network in the regions. Chief Executive Officer of Azerfon LLC Mr. Gunnar Pahnkehas said these words in his extensive interview to İctimai TV. He further stated that Nar will continue todevelopall its offerings basing on the preferences and needs of its customers: “This means that we will offer our customers more profitable packages, in particular, Internet packages. For instance, by acquiring the Internet package that we are goingto offer to our customers, they will getaccess tofaster Internet. Availability and affordability of our services for subscribers and customers is one of the most positive aspects of our overall strategy. The network level, affordable prices ultimately lead to the effect of “economy of scale”, which provides us with the opportunity to make further investments. Andit is necessary to do this in a way that our customers truly feel that we alwayscaterto their needs”.

Mr. Gunnar Pahnke hasalso added that to increase the number of users it is necessaryto make the services more affordable. Therefore, the third pillar of Nar’s market strategy is comprised of a “good customer” and a “packagesof suitable offerings”. Gunnar Panhkehas also provided detailed information about the base stations installed in 2018, andemphasized that one of the main strategies of the mobile operator is to provide network coverage in the most remote villages of Azerbaijan as well.

It should be mentioned that in his interview, Chief Executive Officer Mr. Gunnar Pahnkeshared detailed information about the goals, new products, activity plans for the further expansion of the network to be delivered byNar, usage ofthe mobile operator’s new technologies in the regions, and competitive environment in the telecommunications market of Azerbaijan. You can watchthe full version of the interview via the link below:

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