Facebook`s daily audience reaches 1.53 bn people


January 31, Fineko/abc.az. The number of people who visit Facebook every day has risen up to 1.53 bn.

According to Company's report, in December 2018 at least 1.53 bn people entered the social network at least once a day. This figure increased by 9% over the year. At the same time, the number of those who use Facebook at least once a month, exceeded 2.32 bn. The annual growth made up 9%.

The Facebook reps say that in the world more than 2.7 bn people use some of its services at least once a month. In addition to Facebook, this list includes social network Instagram and applications for instant messaging Messenger and WhatsApp. Those who do it at least once a day, according to the company, exceed 2 bn.

The net profit for 2018 reached $7.57 per share or a total of $22.11 bn and in 2017 the figure was $15.93 bn. At the same time, profit for Q4 of 2018 amounted to $6.88 bn.

Facebook was founded on 4 February 2004 by Zuckerberg and his three fellow students while studying at Harvard University.


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