This year insurers in Azerbaijan compensated for AZN 93 million


June 25, Fineko/abc.az. For the past 5 months of 2019 the insurance companies of Azerbaijan gathered insurance premiums in the amount of AZN 319.3 million and paid compensations in the amount of AZN 93.8 million.

The Financial Market Supervision Authority (FIMSA) reports that premiums and compensations on voluntary insurance totaled AZN 212.7 million and AZN 64 million, while on compulsory insurance AZN 106.6 million and AZN 29.8 million respectively.

For Jan-May of the year voluntary insurance premiums made up 66.6% and compulsory insurance premiums 33.4%. 68.3% of insurance compensations are formed at the expense of voluntary and 31.7% at the expense of compulsory insurance.

Besides, growth of premiums on compulsory life insurance increased by 18% (AZN 3.5 million).