Tax revenues from nonoil sector grown this year


July 2, Fineko/abc.az. The high growth rate of tax revenues from the nonoil sector for Jan-May 2019 are linked mainly with VAT, excise duties, profit, state duty, property tax, etc.

The Ministry of Taxes reports that growth of VAT revenues made up 18.3%, income tax 33.7%, property tax 13.3%, state duties 63.2%, other revenues 45.1%, mineral extraction tax 18%, and excise taxes 4.6 times.

In the total amount of tax revenues on the basic taxes there is an increase in the share of VAT, excise taxes and profit tax.

The VAT index rose from 24.9% up to 25.3%, including in the nonoil sector from 31.4% up to 32%, excise tax from 7.1% up to 7.4%, including in the nonoil sector from 0.4% up to 1.8%, income tax from 36.4% up to 38.2%, including in the nonoil sector from 25.7% up to 29.6%.