$13.75 million more to be paid to SOCAR bond holders


July 11, Fineko/abc.az. The 11th coupon payment (3rd for the year) for SOCAR bonds with annual interest of 5% will take place on 17 July 2019, raising the total revenue of the bond holders up to $13.75 million.

SOCAR Capital reports that total of $1.25 million, i.e. $12.5 per bond has already been transferred to the Company's bank account at the National Deposit Center (NDC) of the Central Bank.

Total volume of the remarketing operations of SOCAR Bonds key features of guarantee of repurchase at nominal amount by SOCAR, flexible trade operations and timely and scheduled payment of coupons, has increased to over $175 million at the present time. SOCAR bond is the most frequently traded security at the Baku Stock Exchange – 1,791 transactions were made in total to date with 232 during the first semester of this year.

More than half of the coupon payments on SOCAR bonds which may be purchased at the ASAN Service Centers #1 and #5 will be made by 17 July, with the total amount of revenue of the bond holders reaching $25 million at the end of this period.