Azerbaijan increased oil and gas export for 1st half of 2019


July 16, Fineko/abc.az. Export of declared oil from Azerbaijan for Jan-Jun 2019 totaled 15.8 million tons for $7.67 million.

The State Customs Committee reports that over Jan-Jun of the year oil export grew in quantitative terms by 16.7% and in value terms by 10.4% (versus the 2018 same term) up to 13.56 million tons for $6.945 bn.

For the first 6 months of 2019 export of gas volumes declared at customs from Azerbaijan amounted to 5.66 bn cu m  for $1.47 bn.

According to the SCC, for Jan-Jun 2019 the export of declared gas increased in quantitative terms by 82.7% and in value terms by 83.7% (versus the 2018 same term) up to 3.1 bn cu m for $570.337 million.

In 2018 the declared oil export from Azerbaijan amounted to 29.498 million for $15.719 bn, gas export 7.9 bn cu m for $1.499 bn.