The alumni of the prestigious universities of the world at UNEC


The alumni of the Harvard, Stanford, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy, University of California, Berkeley, Tufts University and other prestigious higher educational instituions working for such organizations as UNESCO, NATO, UN experts from the different countries around the world visited UNEC.

The alumni noted that, they had conducted the motivating meetings with the students from different universities around the world and they talked about their success story to the students of the International Economics School of UNEC and the students of SABAH groups. Along with the teachers from Massachusetts Institute of Technology and the Harvard University the Azerbaijani Member of Parliament, the alumni of the Harvard Univeristy Vusal Huseynov particiaped in the meeting, as well.

They talked to the students about the education at bachelor’s and master’s degree level at the universities of the USA, and gave the recommendations on the ways of gaining the success in life and the career choices.The alumni answered such questions of the students as the ways of getting the financial support for education in the USA, the methods of calculating the own intelligence of the people, etc.

The alumni, expressing their satisfaction with the meeting, highly appreciated the knowledge and intellect of the UNEC students. The ability of speaking fluently in Korean of the I-st year student of the International Economics School of UNEC Aysel Jafarzadeh, caused the special attention and joy of the alumni from Korea.

At the end of the meeting, the alumni noted that they would be able to continue the discussion through the social network.

The alumni stated that, after Azerbaijan they would leave for India to meet with the indian students.