Internal Affairs Ministry explained which facilities to operate during special quarantine regime


March 30, Fineko/abc.az. The Ministry of Internal Affairs announced which facilities will operate during the special quarantine regime.

MIA press service’s head and police colonel Ehsan Zahidov noted that with the purpose to preserve the health of the population during the special quarantine regime on the territory of the country, including in the capital of Baku, some facilities are stopped, and a number of facilities continue their activities.

Zahidov noted that the activity of hairdressers and beauty salons, to which citizens show interest most of all, stops: "Car washes, car repair shops, shops selling auto parts, stores selling construction materials, dry cleaners, stores selling seeds, fertilizers and pesticides, veterinary pharmacies, shops selling livestock, pet stores will continue to work without restrictions."

MIA representative also reacted to the widespread information about the ban on the use of personal vehicles by citizens. He noted that the information distributed in connection with the restriction of movement of personal vehicles is false: “No restrictions were imposed on movement in personal cars. However, it is recommended not to use transport in the wrong place without a serious need. Car owners and drivers must strictly comply with traffic rules and regulations.”