Mercenaries fighting on side of Armenians refuse to fight – desertion has begun


October 20, Fineko/abc.az. The Azerbaijani Defense Ministry has distributed information about the situation on the front during the day on 19 October and on the night of 20 October.

ABC.AZ reports that there are many dead and wounded among the military personnel of the enemy units in the defense area of the 5th mountain rifle regiment. It is reported that the unit commander Norik Agakelyan was among the wounded.

"Legion" detachment of mercenaries positioned in the defensive zone of the 18th motorized rifle division and reservists refused to take part in the fighting. It turned out that these groups, which suffered heavy losses, could not withstand the defense areas assigned to them and fled.

In addition, the reconnaissance company brought to the defense zone of the 10th mountain rifle division suffered casualties in terms of manpower. The unit, which lost two-thirds of its military personnel, was forced to retreat, leaving their positions.