Milli Majlis to discuss 8 issues at an upcoming session


October 27, Fineko/abc.az. Milli Majlis is to conduct today a session, ABC.AZ reports.

The Azerbaijani parliamentarians will cover the following matters there: the Bill on Renaming of Venga Village in Khojavend District of Azerbaijan in Chinarli Village, the amendments to the Law on Military Positions & Military Service, the amendments to the Law on Education, the amendments to the Law on Vocational Education, the amendments to the Forest, Land and Civil Codes of Azerbaijan, to the Laws on Land Reform, on Land Market, on Management of Municipal Lands, on State Duty, on the State Real Estate Register and on the Purchase of Land for State Needs.

Besides, the MPs will discuss the amendments to the Labor and Family Codes of Azerbaijan, the amendments to the Laws on the Status of Military Personnel, on Road Traffic, on Social Protection of Children who Have Lost their Parents & Lost Parental Care, on Highways, on Private Medical Activities, on Public Service, on Psychiatric Care, on Cancer Care and Restriction of the Use of Tobacco Products, the amendments to the Law on Health Insurance.