Will there be a metro line to the airport? - Statement


December 6, Fineko/abc.az. In many countries of the world, metro stations operate from the airport to the center of the capital and in the opposite direction, which cannot be said about Azerbaijan.

ABC.AZ was informed by Baku Metro CJSC’s press secretary Bakhtiyar Mammadov that today the main transport hubs connecting the capital with the districts and the international world are the railway station and the bus station.

According to Mammadov, both important hubs can be reached by metro, and this justifies itself in transportation.

"But due to the factors that I listed in the current conceptual scheme, the extension of the metro line to the airport or the laying of a sleeve in this direction was not taken into account. The need to lay a metro line to the airport can be studied over time and comparative analysis carried out. Simply put, the question "how necessary and important is it" needs to be answered. This question will be more effective when studying the aspect of more integrated vehicles. Which type of public transport is most justified - metro or other alternative mode of transport? Considering that with the laying of the metro line and the calculation of an interval of 2-4 minutes in this direction, a train of 5 cars can carry about 1,600 passengers, will the airport face the actual number of users, visitors? With what intensity will those who come from nearby areas, work at the airport and at nearby enterprises use this transport? The answers to these questions should form the basis of these analyses. If the metro as a practical mode of transport is laid to the areas that need it most, it will be efficient and profitable for a growing city. In connection with this vital issue of public transport today, I think, is the separation of the green and red metro lines. This project may affect the prospects of the city. By the way, the issue of dividing the lines will be particularly taken into account in the Baku City Master Plant under development. In this regard, mutually beneficial discussions and analysis were held," metro’s representative said.