Chairman of Center for Analysis of Economic Reforms and Communication met with AmCham members

11:33 - 4.05.2018

The American Chamber of Commerce in Azerbaijan (AmCham Azerbaijan) hosted the delegation of high-level U.S. Congress officials at its monthly members’ luncheon. In addition, the Luncheon highlighted the presentation of the Special Edition for "Doing Business" Reforms (Azerbaijan Economic Reforms Review) by Dr. Vusal Gasimli, Executive Director of the Center for Analysis of Economic Reforms and Communication. Around 200 participants attended the event, including representatives of diplomatic corps.

In the opening remarks, Mrs. Natavan Mammadova, Executive Director of AmCham Azerbaijan, expressed the pleasure to welcome the high-esteemed guests in Baku.  She emphasized that such kind of visits reflect the decent level of the dialogue between Azerbaijan and the United States of America at the highest level.

The event proceeded with the member presentations by Deloitte Azerbaijan and Princeps Legem.

Afterwards, Mr. Nuran Kerimov, President of AmCham Azerbaijan, invited Dr. Vusal Gasimli to address the members of the Chamber. Dr. Gasimli underlined that the implementation of reforms in Azerbaijan is being performed under the ongoing support of the government at the highest level, first of all, the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan Mr. Ilham Aliyev. He highlighted that Azerbaijan has increased its ranking by 8 positions reaching 57th place out of 190 countries participating in the “Doing Business 2018” report prepared by the World Bank, based on 10 reform directions criteria. He expressed his confidence that the progress of the reforms being implemented in the country will keep on growing.

Further, Mr. Kerimov introduced Mr. Bob Goodlatte, Chairman of the U.S. House Judiciary Committee, as well as Mr. Henry Cuellar, U.S Representative for Texas's 28th congressional district, to the audience. They briefly spoke about their impressions and experiences from the visit to Azerbaijan. In addition, both expressed the hope that Azerbaijan and the United States will keep on cooperating effectively on the many areas of mutual interest for American and Azerbaijani people. Mr. Goodlatte and Mr. Cuellar stressed upon the great potential of such cooperation in fighting against terrorism, creating jobs, and improving Europe’s energy security. Finally, they wished the Luncheon participants and all the people of Azerbaijan prosperity and much success.

AmCham Azerbaijan Members’ Luncheons are organized monthly by the Chamber and feature participation of high ranked government officials, members of Parliament and representatives of diplomatic corps. The American Chamber of Commerce in Azerbaijan is a leading private, non-profit business association supporting and promoting the interests of foreign and local businesses in Azerbaijan. Established in 1996, AmCham is composed of over 280 Member-Companies and Associates active in every sector of the Azerbaijani economy. AmCham Azerbaijan represents nearly 80% of all foreign investment, as well as a significant portion of local investment in Azerbaijan.