Insurers with the least premiums for past half of 2022


July 28, Fineko/ The indicators of the insurance sector for Jan-Jun 2022 have been unveiled.

ABC.AZ reports that the lowest insurance premiums for the first 6 months were collected by the following companies: Meqa Hayat Sigorta (AZN 881,000), Naxchvan Sigorta (AZN 1.228 million), Ata Sigorta (AZN 2.35 million), Bakı Sigorta (AZN 3.119 million) və Gunay Sigorta (AZN 3.4 million).

The above-said companies gathered totally AZN 10.99 million of premiums (2.2% of all premiums).

The premiums of the remaining 10 insurers amounted to AZN 83.49 million (17%).