Sputnik Azerbaijan editors resigned


August 5, Fineko/abc.az. The editors of the Russian-language version of Sputnik Azerbaijan agency have resigned, refusing to publish information from the Russian Defense Ministry that Azerbaijan allegedly violated the ceasefire during operation ‘Retaliation’.

ABC.AZ reports that the editors of the publication Zulfiya Gurbanova, Jamila Efendieva, Elena Starostina and Gulzar Mustafayeva wrote in social networks that as citizens of Azerbaijan they defended the interests of their country as best they could in the editorial office of Sputnik Azerbaijan. However, now they are forced to resign.

"As a citizen of the Republic of Azerbaijan, I am not ashamed of my work here, my conscience is clear in everything. When they tried to bend us, we put an end to it and just left," Gulzar Mustafayeva, the former editor of the publication, wrote.