State budget revenues and expenditures for seven months - Report


August 17, Fineko/ According to the report submitted by the Ministry of Finance, in January-July this year, state budget revenues amounted to 17,899.4 million manats, and expenditures made 15,334.8 million manats, ABC.AZ reports with reference to the information of the State Statistics Committee.

It is noted that during the execution of the budget, a surplus of 2,564.6 million, or 3.5% of the gross domestic product, was formed.
In January-June, the state budget revenues, including receipts from the Fund for Ensuring Obligations on Public Debt and Guarantees, amounted to 14, 289.2 million manats, expenditures made up 12,936.6 million manats. 23.6% of revenues were made from value added tax, 20.8% from tax on profit (income) of legal entities, 5.3% were taxes related to foreign economic activity, 5% were income tax of individuals, 4.2 % were excises, 1.1% were the simplified taxes, 2.1% were other types of taxes, 37.9% were non-tax revenues.

Of the budget funds, 21.39% was spent on financing education and healthcare, 18.81% on economic activities, 14.77% on general public services, 14.65% on defense and national security, 12.83% on social protection and social security, 17.55% on other areas.