Cavusoglu: Azerbaijan wants to develop these territories


August 23, Fineko/ Azerbaijan built a new road parallel to the existing Lachin corridor within a short period of time, and the peacekeepers will also be on this road, said Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu in his interview with Haber Global, ABC.AZ reports.

"When the Armenians leave the city of Lachin and the surrounding territories, they burn and destroy these territories. They quit, leaving behind destruction, as they did during the Karabakh war," the Turkish minister said.

He said 'we want peace’, and ‘Karabakh is the historical land of Azerbaijan.'

“Azerbaijan wants to restore and develop these territories, and invites the Armenians living in these territories to enjoy all their rights. Azerbaijan proposes a comprehensive peace agreement. What else should Azerbaijan do? Azerbaijan wanted to regain its lands and did it, and sustainable peace is its only desire now,” Cavusoglu said.