Expert about unfair competition on Internet services formed by housing and communal services


September 22, Fineko/ Most housing and communal services have formed frankly unfair competitive environment in connection with the organization of Internet services in buildings. They work on the principle of "one building is one provider".

ABC.AZ reports that Osman Gunduz, the head of the Azerbaijani Internet Forum, wrote about this in his social network account.

He noted that providers are not afraid of anything: “No matter how incredible it may sound, the reality is that an ordinary housing and communal services manager is not afraid of the State Antimonopoly Service. Housing and communal services enters into a deal by inviting only one Internet service provider before the commissioning of a new residential building. Under this transaction, the owner of the housing & communal service usually receives 2 manats from the provider for each client. That's all. Thus, the owner of the housing and communal services undertakes to the provider or cable operator not to let another provider into this building under any circumstances.”