New procedure for crediting hybrid cars - Details


September 23, Fineko/ The Regulation on Prudential Standards & Requirements for Credit Risks, including Large Credit Risks approved by the Central Bank will come into force from 1 October, ABC.AZ reports, citing Samir Rzayev, deputy director of the Credit Institution Control Department.

Under the rules, those wishing to purchase an electric car on credit, since the release of which less than 3 years have passed, will make an initial payment of up to 10% of its cost.

And within the lending of electric vehicles with production period of more than 3 years, the initial payment requirement will be 40%.

In addition, to apply for a loan for cars with hybrid engines, the initial payment will be 20% for production period of 1 year or less, 40% for period of 1-3 years and 50% for period of more than 3 years.