Population’s savings have grown - banking sector recovers


September 26, Fineko/abc.az. Judging by the financial indicators over the past 8 months, the deposit portfolio in the banking sector for August increased by 2.8% (AZN 836.7 million).

ABC.AZ reports with reference to the CBA that 65.1% of the deposit portfolio are deposits of legal entities and 34.9% are deposits of individuals.

Banks’ portfolio of deposits (excluding individuals engaged in entrepreneurial activities) increased by 0.3% (up to AZN 26.5 million) up to AZN 10.632 million.

Term deposits make up 55.3% of the deposit portfolio (AZN 5.89 million).

Demand deposits of legal entities amounted to AZN 17.4 million (a rise of 4.8% or AZN 799.2 million over the month), which is equal to 87.9% of the total deposit portfolio of legal entities (AZN 19.805 bn).