President: First martyrs were precisely here, in this place


September 27, Fineko/ In honor of our martyrs here, near Garakhanbeyli village, this monument was erected – this piece of rock. Garakhanbeyli village and five other villages were liberated on the first day of the Second Karabakh War. On the first day of the war, the villages of Garakhanbayli, Garvand, Goradiz, Yukhari Abdurrahmanli of Fuzuli district, as well as the villages of Boyuk Marjanli and Nuzgar of Jabrayil district were liberated.

ABC.AZ reports that President Ilham Aliyev said about this during his speech at the memorial plaque dedicated to September 27 – the Memorial Day in village Garakhanbeyli of Fuzuli district.

"We had the first martyrs here, in this place. An enemy trench was next to this monument. There were five or six lines of defense in this direction. An Azerbaijani soldier, an Azerbaijani officer went to his death in order to break through this and subsequent lines of defense. He literally went to his death, sacrificed his life so that our tricolor flag would fly in Shusha and in all other lands that were occupied at that time. He sacrificed his life in order for the Azerbaijani people to restore their dignity, justice and return to their lands.

From this direction we broke through the first line of the enemy's defense, and our Victorious march began. For 44 days, the Azerbaijani army has been advancing every day. Every day, without stopping, tirelessly, it went forward, shedding blood and despite the losses, it went to Victory. It did not stop for a day, did not retreat for a day, but went forward, chasing the enemy on the battlefield, and won a historic Victory. In 44 days, about 300 towns and villages were liberated from the enemy. The enemy was forced to sign an act of surrender and admit defeat, withdraw from the lands that were still under occupation at that time."