President: We’ll not allow enemy to raise his head again


September 27, Fineko/ We are a happy generation because we are witnesses and participants of this historic event. Future generations will always be proud of this glorious history. We are proud to be children of this land. We are proud that we have restored our right to the battlefield, defeated the enemy, and from now on we will live forever as a victorious people, as a victorious country, ABC.AZ reports, quoting President Ilham Aliyev.

"Honoring the bright memory of our martyrs today, each of us must once again give himself a word, promise, swear that he will forever stand guard over independence, forever stand guard over territorial integrity. We will not allow the enemy to raise his head again and create a threat to us again. If we see this, we will act immediately. I am sure that this will not be necessary. As the growing power of our country, including its military force, are the guarantors of our independence, a peaceful life," the head of state stressed.