List of insurers with the least premiums for Jan-Aug


September 29, Fineko/ Out of AZN 654.918 million of premiums gathered by the insurers in Azerbaijan for Jan-Aug 2022, AZN 522.249 million or 79.8% accounted for 5 insurance companies.

ABC.AZ reports that according to the Central Bank, among them are PAŞA Həyat Sığorta (AZN 278.987 million), PAŞA Sığorta (AZN 153.5 million), Atəşgah Həyat Sığorta (AZN 33.17 million), Qala Sığorta (AZN 30.447 million) and Xalq Sığorta (AZN 26.1 million).

The insurers that collected the least premiums for the past 8 months are Meqa Həyat Sığorta (AZN 1.305 million), Naxçıvan Sığorta (AZN 1.58 million), Atasığorta (AZN 3.176 million), Bakı Sığorta (AZN 4.276 million) and Günay Sığorta (AZN 4.885 million).

The above-said companies gathered premiums for totally AZN 15.219 million (2.3% of the entire amount of premiums).

The overall amount of premiums of the remaining 10 insurers reached AZN 117.45 million (17.9%).