Over past 8 months, credit investments in this sector decreased


September 30, Fineko/abc.az. Compared with 2021, over Jan-Aug 2022, the loans given to the trade and services sector increased by AZN 139.3 million to AZN 3.13 bn.

ABC.AZ reports that during the reported term credit investments in the construction sector increased by AZN 289.3 million up to AZN 1.19 bn, in the industrial sector by AZN 100.1 million up to AZN 1.7 bn, in transport & communications sector by AZN 21.8 million up to AZN 759.1 million, in the agriculture and fisheries sector by AZN 7.1 million up to AZN 598.8 million.

The credit investments in the mining sector decreased by AZN 140.1 million to AZN 608.9 million and in other sectors decreased by AZN 17.9 million to AZN 635.9 million.