Nar provided stable communication services in Goychay


June 4, Fineko/ presented free calling minutes to the residents of Goychay where happened a heavy flood to keep communication with the relatives and close ones. Moreover, Nar network switched to the strengthened mode and currently the Goychay region is covered with uninterrupted mobile communication and internet services.

Although the flood harmed the mobile communication lines operating at the near the flooded area, the damage was handled immediately and flawless work of the network was restored. Currently, Nar network operates on the enhanced mode and provide the residents with stable communications services.

The electric and communication lines, internet cables, as well as, the pipelines of gas and water going over the river of Goychay have been severely hit by the flood. As a result of the flood, the roads and bridges have been damaged and the transport lines between the center and peripheries of Goychay have been cut.

Azerfon LLC (Nar™) started its operations on March 21, 2007. Being the first operator in the country to introduce the 3G technology, Nar provides the customers with a wide 4G network coverage.  With a large network of over 6500 base stations, covering 93% of the country’s territory, Nar provides more than 2 million subscribers with the highest quality services. According to mobile network benchmarking tests, held by an independent international “P3 Communications” company, during the second quarter of the year 2017, Nar network demonstrated the highest results in the country, in terms of provision of mobile voice services.

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