Expert opinion: Even 1,000 manats is not enough for comfortable life in country


October 24, Fineko/ Expert economist Rauf Garayev, taking into account current market prices and based on his own calculations, believes that even 1,000 manats per family member is not enough for a normal life.

ABC.AZ reports that he commented on the occasion in an article in the local press.

He noted: In accord with the current requirements, even if we take an income of 1,000 manats for each family member, with salary of 800 manats for father and mother, net of taxes, this will still not be enough for comfortable life. If to believe official statistics and take into account inflation of 23%, then income of family members must exceed the threshold of 1,000 manats in order to live normally within the country. Currently, according to statistics for the country, in general, from 25% to 30% of the population can do this."