Unemployment growth in Turkey for one month


November 10, Fineko/abc.az. The Statistical Committee of Turkey (TÜIK) has released unemployment data for September.

ABC.AZ reports that the unemployment rate in the country increased by 0.3 points to 10.1%. The youth unemployment rate has also increased.

Thus, the unemployment rate, which for the first time in 4 years fell to 9.8% in August, returned to double digits in September.

According to TÜIK, the number of unemployed aged 15 years and older in September increased by 120,000 people compared to the previous month and reached 3.48 million people.

The unemployment rate was 8.8% among men and 12.8% among women.

In September, the number of employed decreased by 54,000 people compared to the previous month - to 30.867 million people, and the employment rate decreased by 0.1 pp – to 47.6%.

This figure was 30.6% among women and 65% among men.