Misconceptions about heart disease


June 7, Fineko/abc.az.Cardiovascular disease is one of the leading causes of death in the world. The cause of cardiovascular disease is alcohol, smoking, sedentary lifestyle, irrational nutrition and excess weight. Most people have the wrong idea about heart disease.

And the most common among those misconceptions are as follows:

1. Heart disease is a problem only in older people

Wrong! Bad habits and poor diet can also cause cardiovascular diseases in young and middle-aged people. Atherosclerosis can begin to form in childhood and adolescence. In our times, type II diabetes is very common among the young, and recently this disease is also faced in children. And the biggest risk group for heart disease is diabetes patients.  For this reason, heart attack and stroke are observed even in people under 30 years.

2. Cardiovascular diseases are most common in men.

Wrong! The world statistics shows that over the past 20 years cardiovascular diseases have also caused death in women. With age, the possibility of the spread of these diseases among men and women is the same.

3. An increase in blood pressure is definitely felt.

 Wrong! Approximately 1/3 of patients with hypertension are unaware of the presence of this disease and seek medical attention only in case of complications. Every year 7.5 million people die of complications of hypertension.

4. The main sign of a heart attack is severe chest pain.

Wrong! Pain in the chest area may be absent. Pain in the shoulder, back, left hand, in some cases – nausea, vomiting, and shortness of breath can also be signs of a heart attack. But it happens that the heart attack is not accompanied by any signs. On the other hand, chest pain can occur not only from a heart attack, but also for many other reasons.

5. If parents have cardiovascular diseases, then this disease will be inevitable for their children.

Indeed, it is not so! However, as with many diseases, the family history is of great importance in case of cardiovascular diseases. But that does not mean that this will also happen to them. It's just that these people are at high risk. By giving up from bad habits, leading a healthy lifestyle and eating right, you can significantly reduce this risk. Sports and balanced nutrition will help you protect the health of your heart and blood vessels.