Do you know the purpose of tea bags we use every day?


June 8, Fineko/abc.az. Did you know that tea bags that we use in everyday life, at work, at home, at a picnic, were created for a different purpose? For the first time the idea to put tea in bags was put forward by tea magnate Thomas Sullivan. He came up with this in order to reduce costs.

So, the first time tea was sold in tin boxes, and samples for customers were sent in such boxes. Considering this method not economical, Thomas Sullivan instructed to send customers samples of tea in small bags and in smaller quantities. At first, small silk bags, sewn by hand, were used for this purpose.

These bags were cheaper than tin boxes, and the amount of tea placed was less.

And the subsequent improvement of tea bags was carried out by potential customers of Sullivan.

So, one of the customers believes that this is a new and better way to make tea and begins to order tea in bags. This form of release was rapidly popularized. Subsequently, tea was packed in gauze bags, and then in paper.

For the first time tea bags in modern form were produced by Adolf Rambold in 1929.