Old cars to be disposed of in Azerbaijan


November 23, Fineko/abc.az. The automobile fleet will be updated in Azerbaijan, and cars whose service life finished will be sent for recycling. In return, citizens will be provided with conditions for purchase of new cars.

ABC.AZ reports that some state agencies have developed a joint project for the disposal of old vehicles in the country.

As a result of the project, old vehicles considered dangerous to traffic and the environment will be disposed, and old cars racing on the roads will be gradually replaced by new ones. It is reported that car owners who have sent vehicles for recycling with finished service life or are considered eco-hazardous will be provided with cash or other benefits.

One of the issues of interest to citizens within this project is the order in which old cars will be sent for recycling, under what conditions they will be able to purchase new cars. Given the urgency of the issue, we have sent a request to the Ministry of Economy.

In response to our request, the Ministry stated that work on "the development and implementation of a vehicle recycling program" continues:

"The program envisages the vehicle recycling on a voluntary basis, including certain incentive measures in this direction. Thus, citizens will receive a certain discount if they wish to purchase a new car on the basis of a supporting document to be presented to them after the voluntary transfer of the vehicle for disposal. In addition, it is possible to receive a certain amount as a lump sum payment on the basis of a supporting document. As the project is currently at the stage of approval with governmental agencies, detailed information on the details of the project will be unveiled after approval of the relevant regulatory documents."