Prices for laptops have grown in Azerbaijan


November 24, Fineko/ Azerbaijan has seen a significant increase in prices for personal computers, laptops and tablets over the past part of this year.

ABC.AZ reports that according to the State Statistics Committee, if this September the cost of personal computers was 1,061.03 manats, in October this figure increased to 1,080.95 manats, which means an increase of 19.92 manats or 1.9%.

Compared with Jan-Oct 2021, growth was 40.5%, that is, by 311.69 manats. Recall that in October last year, the cost of personal computers was 769.26 manats.

Prices for laptops changed from 1,237.31 manats to 1,259.01 manats compared to September. As a result, prices increased by 21.7 manats, that is, by 1.7%. And compared wth Jan-Oct 2021, prices grew from 875.94 manats to 1,259.01 manats. At that, growth reached 383.07 manats, that is, by 43.7%.

From September to October of this year, there was no significant growth of tablet computers. In October, the figures increased from 400.08 manats to 401.72 manats. Thus, the growth rate was 0.92 manats or 0.2%. Compared with Jan-Oct 2021, the cost of tablets increased by 59.72 manats, that is, by 17.5%, from 342.00 manats to 401.72 manats.