Azerbaijan, WB working on implementation of three projects


December 7, Fineko/ To date, Azerbaijan, together with the World Bank, has implemented 49 projects worth $3.2 million, and the implementation of three projects continues, Deputy Economy Minister of Azerbaijan Samad Bashirli said at the presentation of the 'Azerbaijan on the path of green development' report held on a joint initiative of the Azerbaijani Economy Ministry and the World Bank, Report informs.

According to Samad Bashirli, one of these is the "Solid Waste Management Project" in support of the "Green Economy" backed by the World Bank.

Besides, the Deputy Minister noted that Azerbaijan had joined the UN Member States "Agenda 2030" initiative on the Global Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) for 2016-2030, approved at the Summit on Sustainable Development in 2015, which includes 17 goals and 169 tasks.

"Fulfilling the commitments made under these global initiatives has become one of the essential components of public policy. In this regard, integrating economic, social and environmental factors into a single form and promoting a green economy are of particular importance in implementing the SDGs in Azerbaijan. As already noted, Azerbaijan was the first country in the region to submit three voluntary national reports (in 2017, 2019 and 2021) to the UN High Level Political Forum as a result of the work done on the implementation of the SDGs, which is a vivid example of the importance that the government of Azerbaijan attaches to commitments for the implementation of the SDGs. As a result of the work done, in the report Sustainable Development 2022, published annually to analyze the implementation of the SDGs in the UN member countries, Azerbaijan ranked 50th among 163 countries, scoring 73.5 points out of 100 possible, and according to this indicator, our country has advanced five positions compared to the position in the 2021 report. In addition, as a result of environmental activities and projects implemented to support the green economy, Azerbaijan ranked 10th in the Asian region in the Green Growth Index. For comparison, Turkiye ranks 18th in this index, Armenia 21st, Kazakhstan 25th, and Tajikistan 30th."