Hertz to pay compensation in the amount of $168 million


December 8, Fineko/abc.az. Hertz, a car rental company, has agreed to pay $168 million to settle numerous lawsuits filed against the company by its clients. The plaintiffs claim that they were detained by mistake – allegedly for stealing a car. 

ABC.AZ reports that 364 lawsuits state that the information provided by Hertz to law enforcement agencies about allegedly stolen cars was incorrect. As a result, the customers who rented these cars were arrested. In a press release, Hertz says that 95% of the lawsuits filed against the company will be settled. By the end of this year, compensation will be paid to these plaintiffs.

Some plaintiffs claim that because of false information about the alleged theft of cars rented by Hertz, these people, threatened with firearms, went to prison. Most of these arrests occurred after customers extended the lease.