Emergencies Ministry about a map of landslide zones of Baku

15:56 - 9.02.2023

February 9, Fineko/abc.az. There is no construction in Baku in the faults formed after the earthquake.

ABC.AZ reports that Elkhan Asadov, deputy head of the State Construction Safety Supervision Agency of the Ministry of Emergency Situations, stated that

Elkhan Asadov, deputy head of the State Agency for Supervision of Safety in Construction of the Ministry of Emergency Situations (MOE), said that there is a map of the landslide zones of Baku:

"This map was compiled by the Geological Survey Service of the Ministry of Ecology & Natural Resources. Construction in these areas has been stopped. As an exception, important state facilities can be constructed there, but only after certain preparatory measures are taken. There are also faults formed after the earthquake in several districts of Baku, and no construction is underway in these areas today. This situation has developed on Abdulla Shaig Street, parallel to Narimanov Avenue. Old one-storey houses built in Soviet times and even earlier are being demolished there, and a park is being laid in their place."