Salary of 3.5% of school teachers in Azerbaijan is $525


June 21, Fineko/ The Ministry of Education of Azerbaijan has announced salary of teachers after diagnostic assessment of knowledge and skills.

Emin Amrullayev, the head of the Department of Education Development Programs of the Ministry of Education, says that 140,000 teachers have undergone the process of diagnostic evaluation.

"Teacher's salary also depends on the hour load. Currently only 3.5% of teachers receive salary in the amount of 900 manats ($525), salary of 10% of teachers is 700-900 manats, and 27.1% - 500-700 manats, 35.9% - 300-500 manats and 23.5% - approximately 300 manats," Amrullayev said.

The official exchange rate of the Central Bank of Azerbaijan to the manat is AZN/USD 1.7.



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