Causes of itching in the ears


June 25, Fineko/abc.az. Itching in the ears is a normal reaction of the skin to external harmful factors (dust, high/low temperature, humidity, chlorinated water, etc.), unless this phenomenon is permanent.

If itching appears regularly, it may indicate the presence of a number of serious diseases:

Diabetes. May occur in the form of the first sign of diabetes as a result of violations in the tissues of microcirculation and trophic disorders.  Toxins that appeared as a result of metabolic disorders irritate the skin receptors and cause itching.

Itching of the skin in kidney disease. Occurs due to a violation of excretory function in patients with chronic (not acute) renal failure. The exact cause of this type of itching is not known. But with the disruption of the kidneys, itching also grows and is paroxysmal (sudden) in nature.

Cholelithiasis. As a result of cholestasis, on the skin of the whole body, in particular, in the ears there is an unbearable itch.

Fungal disease. Ear canal fungus is a disease that is difficult to treat. The fungus can affect not only the ear canal, but also spread to the membrane. In this case, along with itching, pain, hearing impairment, tinnitus may occur.

Psychogenic itch. With this itch consultation of the neurologist or the psychotherapist is obligatory

Skin diseases (dermatitis, psoriasis, eczema).

Allergy (shampoos or body gels, cosmetics, headphones, hearing aid, etc.).

Demodex mite.

External otitis media, trauma.