Prime Minister of Denmark made speech, which was compiled by ChatGPT

16:27 - 2.06.2023

June 2, Fineko/ Danish Prime Minister used ChatGPT to prepare her speech in Parliament.

ABC.AZ reports that Mette Frederiksen did this in order to highlight by her example the risks that the world may face if artificial intelligence technologies develop at such a rapid pace.

After reading the introductory part of her speech to the Danish Parliament, Mette Frederiksen suddenly broke off and announced that all the words that her colleagues had heard up to that moment were not composed by her. And no speechwriter had a hand in preparing this speech. The author of the text is a chatbot with generative artificial intelligence ChatGPT.

Frederiksen stated that she decided to turn to the chatbot to personally evaluate its capabilities.

"This speech could not be called perfect. Its wording did not always correspond to the government's programs.

In addition, the text itself contained punctuation errors. But the possibilities of this technology are still fascinating and frightening," she said.

The PM expressed concerns about ChatGPT's ability to write essays, poems, public speeches and other texts.

She added that this technology can deprive many young people of basic social skills.