Ongoing processes show that inflation to be high

15:42 - 7.06.2023

June 7, Fineko/ We have inflation mainly because of imports. What kind of work is being done to exempt from imports? I have said several times that we should work on the structure of import. Whatever products can be produced in Azerbaijan, let's start producing them within 3-5 years.

ABC.AZ reports that MP Vahid Ahmadov said this at a meeting of the Milli Majlis Committee on Economic Policy, Industry & Entrepreneurship.

The MP said that inflation is projected at 10.4%:

“But I don't believe we’ll be able to contain inflation. The ongoing processes show that inflation will be high. At the very least, we must meet the needs of the population for food and medicines. Let's focus on these two main categories so that people don't suffer. If a person can buy these two products, we get rid of some problems. If he cannot purchase these goods, the problem becomes quite serious.”