Azerbaijani Railways (ADY) has established ADY Konteyner LLC


Given the increased demand for cargo transportation services meeting international standards and increased competition in the field of railway cargo carriages for long distances around the world, Azerbaijan Railways (ADY) made a decision on establishment of ADY Konteyner LLC.

ADY reports that the newly company was set up with the purpose to carry out rail container transportation, procurement and maintenance of containers designed to transport various types of cargo and provide all types of container-related services.

"All container terminals of Azerbaijan and railway container carriages in the country are managed by ADY Konteyner". The Company carries out container transportation from the Caspian and Black Sea regions, countries of Europe, Central Asia, the Far East and the Persian Gulf, provides logistics services that meet international standards," ADY reported.

ADY Konteyner LLC is the operator of container cargo carriages carried out on the territory of Azerbaijan within the framework of Trans-Caspian International Transport Route (TITR). This is reflected in the document adopted at the general meeting of the TITR Association of Legal Entities’ Association held in Odessa on 8 September 2017. In particular, the document says of a decision to include ADY Konteyner LLC in the International Trans-Caspian Transport Consortium. It is no coincidence that precisely ADY Konteyner is the forwarding company on the territory of Azerbaijan on the first freight train consisting of 32 containers, which went from Kazakhstan via railway line Baku-Tbilisi-Kars.