Export of non-oil products from Azerbaijan grew by 20%


July 3, Fineko/abc.az. Over Jan-May Azerbaijan exported non-oil products for $667.5 million that is by $112 million or 20% more versus the same term of 2017.

The Center for Analysis of Economic Reforms & Communications reports that for the last 5 months export of non-oil goods to Russian reached $223.2 million, to Turkey $154.3 million, to Georgia $69.9 million, to Switzerland $56.5 million, and China $19.1 million.

"For Jan-May tomato export for $96.8 million took a special place, as that is 15-fold more quantitatively and in value by 21% compared to the 2017 same term," the Center’s overview says.

According to the Center, the 2nd place in non-oil export belongs to electricity - $53.3 million and the 3rd place to gold - $48.4 million.

In May, non-oil export amounted to $182 million: mainly to Russia ($87.8 million), Turkey ($27.1 million), Switzerland ($16.9 million), Georgia (13.5 million) and the Netherlands ($6.3 million). In May, it was exported tomatoes for $54.3 million, potatoes for $16.3 million, and gold for $14.1 million.

"Tomato export became record in comparison with the previous months," the overview says.


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