Baku transport system almost paralyzed - metro does not work and buses fail to manage with carrying passengers


July 4, Fineko/abc.az.  The accident at Mingechevir Thermal Power Plant, which occurred at night from 2 to 3 July and repeated in the evening of 3 July, created serious problems in the transport system of the capital. 

On 3 July, in the evening, during another power failure, the metro disconnected, people were evacuated from the tunnels, there was no panic, but many citizens felt ill and were taken to hospitals or they were helped at the exit of the metro.  Yesterday, the Baku Metro press service stated that the underground will not operate on 3 July due to shortage of electricity, and today the situation is similar. 

Given the fact that the metro is the main means of transportation it is possible to imagine the state in the capital buses.  Buses are not ready for such a flow of passengers and in this connection there are serious congestion and discontent among passengers.  The Baku Metro Company does not yet say about any terms of resumption of its activity, but with taking into account the flow of passengers and hot weather, most likely the buses will simply fail that will create additional problems for public transport of Baku. Most Baku buses are lacking air conditioning.  The Baku Transport Agency has ensured that all operating buses will be involved in the process of transporting passengers. 

At that, one can not help noting the abnormal weather conditions, which create serious problems for the population of Baku.  The air temperature in Baku has been ranging within 41-43°C in the shadow for already several days.  There is also no water in the city, as the water operator can not start water purification plants because of lack of electricity.