Failures in energy system lead to reduction in oil and gas production in Azerbaijan


July 5, Fineko/abc.az. First Deputy Prime Minister Yagub Eyyubov of Azerbaijan made speech at a meeting devoted to the situation in the country's energy system.

In particular, he stated that in connection with the Mingachevir accident, work of all plants at the refinery has been halted.

"Currently, all the processing plants, except for the catalytic cracking plant, are operating in normal regime. The problem that appeared in the regeneration unit of the catalytic cracking plant will be precisely established after its cooling and checking the inner part. According to preliminary assumptions, repair and restoration work will last about 8-10 days. The country's needs for motor gasoline for the period of repair of the catalytic cracking unit will be provided due to the residual reserve of about 80,000 tons available at the refinery. So, no problem is expected with the supply," Eyyubov said.

He pointed out that because of the accident at Mingachevir thermal power plant, it was produced 4,200 tons of oil and 1.135 cu m of gas less than it was planned at oil & gas producer enterprises, joint ventures. The process of bringing the production industries to normal operation is carried out at all enterprises of the oil company.