President Ilham Aliyev: you should be ashamed to the people and to the country!


July 5, Fineko/abc.az. At yesterday’s meeting devoted to the situation in country’s energy system President Ilham Aliyev was in a rage with Azerenerji’s president Etibar Pirverdiev, who instead of calling the cause of accidents, tried to tell the Azerbaijani leader about the work done in the energy sector over the past 15 years.

President Aliyev did not let Pirverdiyev to finish and again demanded an explanation. Thelatter, inturn, couldnotanswerandapologized.

"First of all, expressing deep concern over the emergency situation in the energy system of Azerbaijan, we apologize to You and to power consumers in our country. At the same time, we express our deep gratitude to You for the fact that You immediately took control of the situation in connection with the accident that occurred at the thermal power plant," Pirverdiyev said.

When Pirverdiyev argued the causes of the accident with a 40% increase in the demand for energy supply, due to hot weather conditions, Ilham Aliyev more sharply replied that this could not be the cause of the accident.

"There are countries where it is hotter than in our country and such accidents do not occur there and even if they happen, the energy system of entire country does not fail. I repeat, an accident can happen, work should be carried out and work is done to liquidate the consequences of the accident, but the failure of the energy system of the whole country because of one accident is, to put it mildly, a big mistake. You just have to be ashamed before the people, before the country. In such hot weather you have caused so many inconveniences to people. People who stuck in the subway, old people, kids, women, sick people who stuck in elevators. What damage you have caused to the economy. If we calculate only the losses of the oil company mentioned here now, the country suffered huge economic damage. Why power plants commissioned in Baku, Sumgayit, in the districts ceased to function after the accident?! You have to talk about the causes of that. You should give me an explanation for this, the information provided to me now that the weather is hot, the consumption is growing - I am absolutely not satisfied," President Aliyev said.

The country’s president stressed the necessity to create such a system that the country's energy system would not fail because of one accident.

The head of state instructed the First Deputy Prime Minister Yagub Eyyubov to investigate the question in the most serious way, and tasked all members of the special commission to work actively and report on the causes of the first and especially the second accident for a short period.