Azerbaijan’s health minister is unaware of lack generators in country's hospitals


July 5, Fineko/ Health Minister Ogtay Shiraliyev informed President Ilham Aliyev on the situation in the field of healthcare in connection with the failure in the power system of the country.

Minister Shiraliyev stated that new hospitals constructed in all districts of the country are equipped with modern medical facilities and generator systems. He said that in the accident days all the hospital generators worked and medical aid was given, and surgical units and resuscitation departments worked with full personnel, and no death cases were reported.

"Ambulance worked in full force, and 2,130 calls were registered, of which 220 people were taken to hospitals and given medical aid. In front of each metro station, there was an ambulance car and only 19 people asked for help because of the nervous overstrain, and they were provided with first aid. Only six people were placed in hospitals," the minister said.

In turn, President Ilham Aliyev told Shiraliyev that it is necessary to consider the matter of installation of generators in strategic facilities, primarily in hospitals and metro.

"The health minister reported to me that all hospitals had generators. According to my data, this is not true. In some hospitals, the generators were out of service, or they were lacked at all, were not connected or were non-operating.

So, you should carry out a serious inspection, report to the Commission and personally to me about the presence of generators in hospitals in the country, their working condition," the president said.