Eight ways to combat daytime sleepiness

16:44 - 5.07.2018

July 5, Fineko/abc.az. Daytime sleepiness usually prevents us from concentrating in the most active period of work. This, in turn, creates serious problems in the implementation of daily plans, as well as puts us in an awkward position in front of colleagues and management.

We present to your attention eight ways to combat daytime sleepiness:

1. Drink coffee. Coffee has energy boosting properties. If you can not drink coffee, drink strong green tea. The chief thing is to try not to get used to, as even night sleep may be disturbed. Two or three cups a day are enough.

2. Take a shower. The best way to wake up is with a contrast shower. Wash your face at work. Rinse your face first with warm and then with cold water. Repeatthisseveraltimes.

3. Use essential oils. If possible, drip oil of jasmine, rosemary, grapefruit on the wrist area. You can also smell a slice of lemon – it will also give you vigor.

4. Turn on the light. As a result of long time spent in a poorly lit room, the amount of melatonin in the blood – a substance responsible for daytime biorhythms, resulting in drowsiness, increases. With this in mind, turn on the desk lamp if the room is poorly lit.

5. Eat dark chocolate. Even a small piece of chocolate contributes to brain activity and vitality. This applies, of course, to dark chocolate, in which the cocoa content is above 55%.

6. Perform physical movements. In the sitting position, raise your hands and connect your fingers. Then tilt the body and head back, stay in this position for 5 seconds. Repeat this exercise 6-8 times – it will help you.

7. Do ear massage. According to Oriental medicine, there are special acupuncture areas on the skin of the ears, when pressing on which the tone increases, as well as the mood. Press down lightly on the lobes with your fingertips and then on the auricle. Several times repeat these movements, and you will feel a surge of vivacity.

8. Resemble. At lunchtime, go outside and walk. Fresh air is the most powerful invigorating remedy.