Vitaly Beylarbekov: There is a possibility to bring gas in Southern Gas Corridor from new potential sources


July 6, Fineko/abc.az. Azerbaijan is interested in attracting new sources for the Southern Gas Corridor.

Vitaly Beglyarbekov, deputy vice president for investment & marketing of SOCAR, said in an interview for portal Moscow-Baku that the Company has repeatedly stated about that.

"I confirm our interest in attracting gas from new sources, in addition to or equally with gas from Azerbaijan, to the system of the Southern Gas Corridor. Of course, first and foremost, we are discussing the possibilities of Azerbaijan itself in addition to Shah Deniz Project. Among the possibilities are the Absheron field, which is at stage of preparation for the start of production, further expansion of the development of the Umid field and the idea of a joint project with it, Babek Project, in which large work is not conducted currently. All of them will surely be the next gas sources from Azerbaijan for the Southern Gas Corridor," Beglyarbekov said.

He pointed out that in the centre of attention is the possibility of attracting gas from new potential sources to the Southern Gas Corridor.

"It could be the Middle East, Central Asia, or the Eastern Mediterranean. This may be Russian gas - we do not make any exceptions or discrimination in this regard, and we are ready to work with all producers or owners of gas. At that, the terms of such cooperation are very simple: the supplier must be legitimate and interested in using our system. We have no other limitations in case of availability of commercial arrangements," the SOCAR deputy vice president emphasized.