Territorial principle to be main principle for admission of children for school in Azerbaijan as there are not enough schools


July 9, Fineko/abc.az. The Ministry of Education of Azerbaijan is concerned about the process of enrolment of children for pre-school groups and the first classes of secondary schools.

Deputy Education Minister Mahabbat Veliyeva has stated that pupil overcrowding is observed in certain schools, mainly in the capital.

"In accordance with the amendments to the Law on Education, children who are six years old can be admitted to schools. We should accept those kids to school. Naturally, in certain areas it can lead to over-occupancy of schools, but some schools do not comply with the territorial principle.

In schools, which will be observed over-occupancy, children will be accepted, first of all, on a territorial principle. This issue will be in the focus of attention in the next academic year. Already for the second year the admission of five-year-old children to the preparatory groups is carried out through the e-system. Most likely, the territorial principle will be applied more widely when applying to preschool groups," the deputy minister said.